Best Bridal Hair

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After a busy wedding season came a bustling run of wedding fairs meeting plenty of newly engaged couples. It was lovely feeling the excitement in the air and chatting weddings! 

Their was a few questions that I notice a lot of brides had on their minds, the most asked questions were:

 “How can I make my hair grow?”

“My hair is too short to be styled up, so I couldn’t have it up?”

“What products do I use?”

It was great being able to surprise brides with my answers and almost educate them. 

Looking after your hair at any point is vital but on the run up to your wedding it’s a wise move to invest a bit of pre wedding hair care. 

My top tips!..

Don’t think having your haircut will hinder it growing, if anything it will help it, if you imagine a tread on your top, and you don’t cut it off it’ll keep fraying right, the ends of our hair are no different in that respect, those split ends can’t be healed! What grows at the roots will only fray off at the ends! Just make it clear to your wedding hair stylist that you only want a small trim and explain what you’re aiming for within your wedding hair style.  You need to ensure this is done regularly ever 6-8 weeks, this will build up healthy sharp ends to give you that perfect wedding look!

If you colour your hair make sure you only colour your regrowth unless your hair stylist advises otherwise, this will avoid weakening your hair anymore then necessary plus minimise any build up which will dull the hair and reduce that gloss look most brides want on there big day. 

If you can invest in a professional shampoo and conditioner then that will also help strength your hair, most people assume its way to expensive and doesn’t do anything different to there regular supermarket stuff!, well let me enlighten you, a professional product is something you can only get from a salon or an industry professional, if it’s sold in the supermarket then it’s a no go, to compete at those supermarket prices they have to compromise in their ingredients resulting in a low quality product. 

A professional product will cost you more but will be concentrated so you only need a small amount, and therefore

lasting you longer than the off the shelf ones, the cost should even itself out, hay presto! Also remember the supermarket brands will give you that gloss and silky hair buy coating your hair in silicone or substitute, this can cause you problems later down the line leaving your hair resistant to chemical processes. 

At the consultation stage, I assure my brides not to worry about the length of their hair, It’s surprising how little hair your need to make it look longer when pinned up. Don’t forget the use of clip in hair extensions and/or hair cushions can be concealed and none of your wedding guests would even know they are there! They will allow you to build shape, body and volume into you wedding day hair. Your stylist should be able to advise you where best to source added hair and wedding accessories to achieve that all-important extra length.

Most hair stylist are like kids in a sweet shop when it comes to products, so if your wedding hair stylist has a variety of goodies then you know he or she is passionate about what they do. 

Although it’s hard to only pick a few, Some of my favourites are;

Shampoo & conditioner to help look after your hair and improve condition in the run up to your wedding would be the Moroccan Oil range, they have various shampoos and conditioners for different hair types so ensure you pick for your hair type and remember you only need a small amount! 

If you enjoy the results the Moroccan Oil gives you then you will
also enjoy any of their range although if you have very fine hair then you may find these to heavy and intense for your hair type. 

If you need to tame your hair texture and smooth then the original Moroccan oil is definitely your best friend! You can apply this to wet or dry hair, or even both on those bad hair days.

For those wanting volume and texture then invest in a sea salt spray, I like Redken fashion waves 07.  

If you want a tousled texturised effect, then a salt spray gives you that on-trend beachy hair effect, with a no-rough touch. Let your mane go wild! Whether you apply at night and leave for a messy-chic finish, or spray before barrel curling for an added texturised effect. This styling essential is perfect for a matte, textured or volumed look on any hair type.

Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder Is great for those nights out or if your having you hair styled up, the powered not only
absorbs any oils on the scalp but will create texture and volume. The product doesn’t feel particularly nice once it’s in your hair but certainly does the job! – the only way of getting this bad boy product out is to wash your hair so maybe have a practice run when you not going out!

My final product would have to be KMS California Hair Stay Styling Spray Anti – Humidity, to help guard against that unwanted damp or humid air. This spray will help prolong your style before the affects of humidity hit!