I have very short hair and feel worried that I won't look like the princess bride I've always wanted to. What do you advise?

Most of us have got scissor-happy at one time or another and with so many celebrities going for the crop, short hair has become popular.  However, I meet lots of brides-to-be, who love how easy short hair is to manage on a day-to-day basis, but for their wedding, they want to grow it, in the hope of achieving their dream princess bride look. 

I always advise my clients that, if growing their hair, they need dedication, patience and although it seems at odds with their goal, they will need to have regular trims.  I also recommend that they should try to minimise the number of times they wash their hair, (ideally no more than two or three times a week), and that they should blow dry their hair on the lowest possible setting as this all helps to prevent further damage.


But, if it is unrealistic for them to grow their hair in the time available, I remind them that, if they are used to wearing a stylish short haircut, they can look amazing and special on the day by introducing hair accessories, be it traditional tiaras, bands, bridal clips and slides or slightly more Avant guard statement pieces or flowers crowns.


Then on the day of the wedding, a good wedding hair stylist should be able to add shape, volume, and if using hair extensions with a good colour match, create the illusion of longer princess hair. Their wedding guests will be none the wiser!