Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time for giving and what better thing to gift someone than great hair. If you have a hair lover in your life then you can be certain that products and tools to help them condition and style their locks will go down a treat. To help you decide from the many different options here’s our list of favourite Christmas gift ideas for anyone who loves a brush, a shampoo or simply a bit of pampering.

  1. A detangling brush: Much underrated these days, a detangling brush is a great gift for anyone who likes to style their hair. These handy little tools can help avoid knots and frizz by smoothing out the hair once it’s been washed. If you or your loved one isn’t sure how to use a detangling brush have a look online and see its benefits here. These really are handy little items to have around.
  2. Leave-in conditioner: There’s nothing better than glossy, gorgeous hair. Gift it to your friend or family member this Christmas by wrapping up some good quality leave-in conditioner. The ideal companion to a detangling brush, together these two products will leave almost any kind of hair looking strong and healthy.
  3. A silk hair wrap: If you’re looking for a hair-related gift for the afro’ed woman in your life why not get her a silk hair wrap? Not only do these products look and feel luxurious, they’re also very practical. For women with big, curly mops, friction against the pillow at night can cause frizz. Help avoid this by giving them a tailor-made wrap which they can use to protect their hair every night.
  4. Good quality straighteners: If you’re looking to spend a bit more money on your loved one and they’re a fan of non-curly styles then good quality straighteners could be a great way to go. Make sure to get a good quality pair as this really makes a difference, from heating up faster to having important safety features like automatic switching off.
  5. Natural hair dye: For anyone who likes to colour their hair at home getting them a natural dye product could be an excellent gift idea. There are lots of great dyes on the market these days that are kinder on the strands and include conditioning elements. Stick to their preferred colour, or change it up with a different shade you think would look good.

There are loads of other products you could gift someone who’s into styling and sorting their hair. When it comes to Christmas presents this really is a fun and easy option!

*This post is in collaboration with All Things Hair .