Red Carpet | Glamorous Hair Trends

When you’re searching for inspiration for your next glamorous ‘do, what better place to look than the red carpet? Celebrities wear the latest key hair trends at special events, and these styles can be a great springboard for ideas for your own special day. Many styles are achievable at home, or you can show the picture to your stylist. Learn about the most glamorous red carpet hair trends below, from the Dutch braid and the elaborate bun to a side parting and classic Hollywood curls. Braids

Braids are one of those styles that can be casual or glamorous, depending on how you wear them. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker showed how you can wear plaits in a fancy way at the Golden Globes 2017. She wore a crown braid that brought the plaits up and over her head. This is a clever way of using your own hair as an accessory, and suits a Dutch braid style perfectly. Pulling your braids around your head to the side and the back can also create a striking look. Learn the basics with this Dutch braid tutorial, or ask your hairstylist to use your locks in place of a flower crown.


There’s something so nostalgic about big, bouncy curls. They’re reminiscent of 1950s Hollywood glamour, but are just as beautiful today as they were decades ago. This is one style that never seems to go out of fashion for red carpet events. You only need look at model Gigi Hadid to understand how striking curls can be. Stylists typically use large rollers to achieve this result, but you can also use curling tongs or even straighteners to curl your locks. Products like mousse and hairspray help the shape to stay put. Although usually worn on long locks, shorter hair can also be curled to create a glam effect.

In contrast to the volume and body that big curls provide, sleek and flat styles can also make a glamorous impact. Take for example the side parting. In 2017 we saw Jessica Biel at the Golden Globes and Taylor Hill at the BAFTAs wear this style with aplomb. This look is all about precision, as you need a razor sharp parting line running down your scalp. The professionals often use the pointed end of a comb to create this exact straight line, and then use gel or putty to hold the hair down flat and control any flyaways. This style can work with short hair framing the face as well as long hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

Elaborate Bun

Many of us think of a bun as a casual style to keep our hair out of our faces, but it can also be a striking look worthy of the red carpet when done in a glamorous way. For this look to have serious style credentials, the bun needs to be positioned right on top of the head like a topknot. It also needs to have an elaborate twist to add interest, like Hailee Steinfeld wore at the Met Gala 2017. Kendall Jenner is also a fan of this style, but often wears it in a looser, more relaxed fashion.

As we’ve seen from the red carpet hair trends above, classic styles like braids and buns can be given the glamorous treatment with a bit of elbow grease and a lot of precision. Use these styles to inspire your ‘do for your next special event and you’ll feel as glam as a celebrity.

*This post is in collaboration with All Things Hair