Terms & Conditions of Service

At time of booking, RKW Hair will include a link to these Terms and Conditions.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions below. This document forms part of the agreement for a hairstylist between you and Angela at RKW Hair.

Please complete form below which includes your full name and Press Agree.  By completing this form you consent for the following:


You/Your The recipient of the service and name listed on the booking form
RKW Hair: Angela Williams at RKW Hair
The Agreement: The contract that exists between the client and RKW Hair (otherwise referred to as Angela Williams) for the agreed fee
The fee: The amount payable by the client to the Hairstylist for the services listed above
Wedding Day Hair: Relates in principle to the date whereby the event (i.e the wedding) takes place
The party: Additional members of the bridal party

The Trial

A mutually convenient time for the trial will be arranged between the parties. It may occasionally be necessary to change the date of a trial that has already been agreed and every attempt will be made to accommodate another date that is convenient. Trails are held at RKW Hair Studio, predomantey during the week & evenings.

RKW Hair sets aside a maximum 2.5 hours per trial, most trials are completed within this time.  After your trial is completed, you might feel that you require more time.  Another date will be arranged and relevant payment will need to be paid.

Once you are happy with the chosen wedding hair style RKW Hair will ensure that a detailed record of all products used in the trial are recorded for her own personal use, and photos if required. It may be occasionally be necessary for RKW Hair to deviate from the precise design as was agreed at the trial. RKW Hair may also need to deviate due to changes in your hair or when the addition of added hair is present.

The Booking

RKW Hair will hold your date for a period of 2 days from the booking link being issued by RKW Hair.  It is your responsibility to complete the booking form within this time, and pay the booking fee of £25.  Once this is completed RKW Hair services are reserved, if not completed in time you could lose your date to another enquiry.

All invoices are subject to change if additional services are required.

Application of hair products

It is your responsibility to notify RKW Hair of any health complaint, skin complaint or sensitivity to any part of your face or body or hair that you are aware of at any time that the application of any products is due to commence. It is also your responsibility to ensure that any member of your RKW Hair party requiring hair services by RKW Hair have notification of the same.

RKW Hair reserves the right to refuse to apply any products to any person whom she suspects of suffering from a health or skin complaint or sensitivity.


Payment is taken in three stages:

  • Stage 1 – Booking

At the time of making your booking, a booking fee of £25 is taken (non refundable).

  • Stage 2 – The Trial

At the trial in cash or before via BACS, you will need to pay the balance of your trial fee.

  • Stage 3 – Final Payment

You will receive a copy of your Booking Form at your trial*, this will detail your remaining balance.  The final balance is due by bank transfer 28 days (4 weeks) before your wedding date. RKW Hair will not accept cash payment on the wedding day or cheques are not accepted form of payment.

If members of your bridal party are making payment for hair services, it is the bride’s responsibility to collect payment and forward to RKW Hair at the same time as the final balance is paid.

If the final balance isn’t paied in full, RKW Hair reserves the right to not attend, and not provide a hair service.

Any payments made must be followed up by the person booking with an email, RKW Hair can confirm recept.

*If a trial is not required RKW Hair will email you the

Cancellations or Amendments by You

Any decrease to your bridal party numbers or booking must be done no later than 6 weeks before your wedding or event. These changes may incure a minimum daily charge. If these changes are made after this time, full payment will be required.

If you wish to increase your parties number or an adjustment in ceremony this has to be confirmed and agreed in writing via email to ensure additional time is available and additional payment made.

You reserve the right to cancel your wedding day hair at any point prior to your wedding day. Please note that the following charges will apply:

  • Your booking fee is non-refundable unless RKW Hair has to cancel.
  • Four weeks or less before your wedding – balance due in full.
  • Cancellations by RKW Hair Wedding hair

In the unlikely event that RKW Hair is unable to attend your booking due to sickness, injury, personal emergency or any other circumstance beyond her control, she will endeavour to find a replacement hair stylist of a similar standard or cost. This cannot, however be guaranteed. If RKW Hair is unable to find a replacement hairstylist, you will receive a full refund of monies paid, less the trial cost.

Should you chose to find you own replacement, or the circumstances requires you to find your own replcement hair stylist then RKW Hair will only cover the costs to the same value. Any increase in fees is liable from the person booking.

RKW Hair will provide you with any photography taken at your trial for you to use with your agreeed replacement hair stylist.


At the trial, RKW Hair will agree with you a time to arrive and a time to leave on the wedding day. Inevitably proceedings often run late and an allowance will be built into the agreed timings.

Part of this service to you, RKW Hair will be with you until you ready to leave for your wedding.  RKW Hair will speak to you on the day if this service is required.

Should RKW Hair be required to run over those timings due to lateness on the part of any of the bridal party or any other factor not of RKW Hair’s making, then a payment of £10 per half hour will be payable.


RKW Hair will give you a personalised travel quote.  You will be quoted for based on wedding day locations. This quote will be depend on other controlling factors for example if the location falls within the congestion charge zone, this would also be added to the final cost.

RKW Hair is based near Maidstone, but works beyond Kent and South East.


At the trial RKW Hair will take pictures of the finished hair style. RKW Hair will also take pictures on the wedding day of the Hair style. These pictures may or may not be used on RKW Hair website www.rkwhair.co.uk , as part of a show reel which may or may not be used on Instagram, Facebook or any other advertising which RKW Hair undertakes. By signing these terms and conditions you are confirming that you have no objection to your photos being used in this way. If you object to your pictures being used, please inform RKW Hair accordingly.

Limitation of liability

RKW Hair is not an insurer or a guarantor and disclaims all liability in such capacity. If you are seeking a guarantee against cancellation, loss or damage you should obtain appropriate insurance.

All services are conducted on the basis of the information, documents and/or photographs provided by you. Services are for the benefit of you and anyone who you choose to provide services for under this contract.

RKW Hair is not liable to you or any third party for any actions or omissions outside the remit of the service supplied. Nor is she liable for any problems arising as a result of unclear, erroneous, incomplete, misleading or false information supplied.

RKW Hair is not liable for any delayed, partial or total non-performance of the services arising directly or indirectly from any event outside her control including your failure to comply with any of your obligations.

RKW Hair’s liability in respect of any claim for loss, damage or expense of any nature, shall in no circumstances exceed the costs of services she has been contracted to provide.

If any one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Service are found to be illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired by this.

I have read, understood and am in full agreement with the terms and conditions set out by RKW Hair It is my full responsibility to make sure that all members of my bridal party abide by the terms and conditions contained in this document.

By completing the online booking form, agreeing these terms, and making the booking fee payment is sufficient conformation of your consent.


Wedding Gallery – All work completed by Angela at RKW Hair. Hope this will give you some ideas and inspiration for your Bridal Hair.